Please find below some of the featured properties we have under management and may be available:

Karneadou, Kolonaki

A pristine one-bedroom flat, located in the heart of one of the most exclusive and aristocratic neighbourhoods of Athens. It’s the Knightsbridge of Athens located one street away from the Platia Filikis Eterias, which is a lovely small garden square surrounded by cafes with tables outside. Kolonaki still remains as one of Athens’ top shopping districts and a must go for art lovers due to the abundance of art galleries.

Apollonos, Plaka

A lovely, recently renovated two-bedroom flat located in Plaka, the historic centre of Athens which is a six minute walk to the Acropolis slopes and even less to Syntagma. As a resident, one couldn’t ask for a better place to live.

The Hanna Centre, Stylida

Introducing a post-modern and panoramically built Shopping and Business Centre comprising of 19 offices and shops. The Hanna Centre includes a 350 square meter roof garden (penthouse) overlooking Parnasos Mountain, Evia Island and Maliakos Bay. The Hanna Centre has been built to an exceptionally high quality standard and is available for letting out purposes and/or whole block sale.